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How to really understand the clients? Say Less, Ask More.

7 Essential Questions

The kickstarter/Ice Breaker Questions

  1. What's on your mind? and/or Where should we start?
  2. And what else? Is there anything else? (The AWE Questions)
  3. What's the real challenge here for you?
  • Combine "the focus question" and "the awe question" to create combos such as "And what else is the real challenge here for you?"
  1. What would you want/like? What's the most desirable outcome for you?
  2. How can i help? (The lazy question)
  • If I could only do one thing to help you with this what would that one thing be?
  1. What will you say no to if you say yes to this?
  • Here's a list of alternative strategic questions that can help uncover more insights:

What is our winning aspiration?

Where will we play? (Have them to choose a sector, geography, product channel, and audience)

How will we win?

What capabilities must be in place?

What management systems are required?

  1. What was the most useful to you? (The learning question)
  • What did you/can you take away from this?

Source: The Coaching Habit Say Less, Ask More & Change the Way You Lead Forever by Micheal Bungay Stanner

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